Pharmacy Careers

A PharmD degree can open more doors than you know what to do with! There’s a wide (and we’re talking wide) variety of career options where you could make an impact—advising patients at a major hospital, at the community pharmacy and even internationally. These are just some of the fields in which pharmacy students can find themselves:

  • Industry Pharmacist

    How’d you like to wear many hats? That’s what a pharmacist in the biotech or pharmaceutical industry does, from working to discover the next breakthrough treatment for cancer to educating physicians and other healthcare professionals about the latest therapies.

  • Regulatory Pharmacist

    These unsung heroes work with pharmaceutical regulatory agencies, scientists and the FDA to make sure drugs meet regulations and requirements before they hit the market.

  • Nuclear Pharmacist

    This career path ensures the safe and effective use of radioactive drugs to diagnose, image and treat diseases like cancer. So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

  • Information Technology Pharmacist

    Work with the hottest pharmacy technology and software, helping community pharmacies or clinics communicate with patients, physicians and hospitals while managing chronic diseases, prescriptions and more.

  • Clinical Research Pharmacist

    Clinical research pharmacists love their data. They gather it through clinical trials, then use it to help physicians determine which drug therapies can treat which diseases.

  • Clinical Specialist

    Can you crack the code? Clinical pharmacists work closely with medical professionals in clinics or hospitals, assessing patients and figuring out what medications to prescribe to treat an infection, hypertension or other serious conditions, based on a patient’s unique traits.

  • Community Pharmacist

    Community pharmacists are on the front lines of healthcare, preparing and dispensing prescriptions while counseling patients about safe medication use.

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