Why Pharmacy?

A pharmacy degree can introduce you to a variety of new careers—careers you didn’t even know were a thing. From behind the counter to boots on the ground, you’ll have the opportunity to make medical advancements in your community and at the hospital bedside. It’s the kind of work that can make a real impact on the future of healthcare and the lives of real patients.

  • Multiple Options

    With a wide variety of career directions, from drug discovery to oncology clinics and so much more, a pharmacy degree can take your career down multiple exciting paths.

  • Positive Impact

    Do good, feel good! You can have a rewarding career with a PharmD, making a positive impact on patients and the healthcare industry.

  • Essential Role

    The healthcare system needs pharmacy professionals. They serve as medical scientists, medication experts, patient counselors and so much more.

Living the #PharmLife

Big Ten pharmacy schools have a huge network of students, faculty and alumni. Here are some of their stories.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of options pharmacy has for you. It’s really helpful to just reach out to as many pharmacists, residents and students on rotation as you can for shadowing opportunities to find your interests by the process of elimination.

Jeffery Lo, Student

University of Michigan PharmD, class of 2020

A Big Ten pharmacy school provides unmatched access to resources and a diversity of experiences. Big Ten schools provide students the opportunity to engage in groundbreaking research, innovative practice and forward-thinking teaching.

Jennifer Rodis, Professor


Clinical, Assistant Dean for Outreach and Engagement at The Ohio State University

After graduation, I worked in a community pharmacy. Then, through a connection from school, I landed at EPIC Pharmacies, where I created (and now lead) the organization’s first Clinical Programs Department in the implementation and expansion of clinical programs and services.

Marci Strauss, Alumna

University of Maryland PharmD, class of 2012

Manager of Clinical Programs, EPIC Pharmacies, Inc.

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